MAXSELL  ISO-9000 Certified Company Introduces GOLD TESTER


MX-GPC Pro - Compact & Eco
Maxsell keeps up with Innovation and meets the ever growing customer demands. With ongoing demands from the Mining customers, Old gold or gold dust buyers, Jewellery recycling for mobility use of Gold testers, yet high precision results. For demands from Banks & Financial institutions who need economy solutions, We have designed the New MXGPC Pro Gold & Precious Metal Analyzer.
MXGPC Pro is the Fullportable model designed for mobility yet accurate results. The outer cover has been changed to nowadays the popular anti-collision engineering plastics, Durable with Elegant appearance. This new model equipped High resolution digital camera. Portable model is strongly recommended to the jewellery recycling and the field that need to carry the instrument to travel around. Also with Attractive price it’s the Favourite instrument for Banks & Financial institution dispersing Jewellery loans. So MXGPC Pro is an Ideal instrument where you need Mobility, Accuracy & Yet Economically priced.
Detailed features:
• Analysis Elements: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, In
• Analysis Range: 10%~99.99%
• Test point dimension: 1~2mm
• Sample Chamber Size: 0~90 mm
• Spectrometer Size: L500 mm*W400mm*H200 mm
• Test Time: Confirm the elements in 1~3 seconds, operator could set the time
• Test Precision: +/-0.2% (The Precision could keep 0.2% after several repeated test)
• High Voltage: 4~50Kv
• X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube (Wind Cool, No radiation)
• Max. Power: 100W
• Weight: 20Kg
• Detector: Hermitic Proportional Counter with Micro processor
• Coated layer measurement: Coated layer thickness Range < 30μm
• Work Temperature: 5-46℃
• Software: XRF Version 3.0
• Operation system: Windows2000/Me/XP


Product Picture Gallery

Product Picture Gallery
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